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Cover Reveal - The Goodness Algorithm

I try not to write too many blog posts about my books because it can become boring for readers. But birthing a book is quite a process, so I always get excited when I get to the printing stage. I know the hard work will start when it arrives - marketing, launch, publicity, and sales. During the Covid years, I haven't been anywhere and have just put my head down, bum up, and tried to write my books. It is quite a challenge with all the other creative and business stuff to get involved in. I am also almost halfway through Book Three of the Spirit Voyager series, and it will be out before Christmas 😘

I love this book because I am asking questions. It is set in the future and explores how we may, or may not, deal with the challenges life is throwing at us now. There is a lot of light and shade in the story and the main characters. Perfection isn't what it seems.

There will be a pre-launch giveaway to one lucky reader to give me a review. Watch this space!

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