Embryo in A Dandelion

Actually, in a moment of distraction and dyslexia, the artist wrote Embroy😂 The dandelion moniker is mine because that is what I see in the painting. The painting dovetails nicely with the poetry and short story book I am publishing for Teira Naahi - iNtellectually dyslexiC. 'Embroy' is currently parked next to my beloved didgeridoo, awaiting its big day. On Saturday we are hosting a small exhibition for friends and whanau of about 50 paintings. I am always astounded by the depth of creative talent we have in Tairawhiti, but I believe we breathe it in. The mauri of our whenua enfolds us, and our wairua shines in response. I will also be displaying some books by local authors - our words, our music, our art - how cool.

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