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Make-believe, so Underrated!

Kia ora and welcome to my blog. I love writing fiction. When my school reports made references to me looking out the window, I was simply off somewhere else. The imagination never really stops. Just think about the weird and wonderful dreams you have when you are sleeping. This blog is to encourage people to write their stories, by sharing my own journey. Whether your jam is fiction or non-fiction, stories are told from the unique perspective of the writer. Attached is the Journey of a Pen, which I initially put together for my classmates.

Copy of Journey of a pen
Download PDF • 2.95MB

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Ps - in that photo I am in Barcelona! Since Covid, most of my holidays occur in my head 😂 We actually take holidays with our photos and videos. Kind of cold in Gizzy today, so excuse me while I take a virtual trip to Rarotonga or Samoa, or maybe to Kythira, one of our favourite Greek Islands......Who said make-believe is not for grown ups!😎

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