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Quintessentially Kiwi

After 6 1/2 years of living back in Aotearoa, I have succumbed to the culture. How do I know this? Today I listed my book, Guardians of the Ancestors on - wait for it - Trade me! Over the years I have resisted overwhelming trends, until I want or need them. For example I only just got a Facebook account last year, I gave up drinking for 3 years as an 18 year old (the more people tried to convince me to drink the more resistant I became - I know hard to believe right!), gave up eating meat for 5 years when I was 17, and I only just opened a Trade Me account. What can I say, I'm not much of a follower 😂.

When you live away from NZ, you notice quirky little things we Kiwis do. Like pay for the smallest items with EFTPOS, our obsession with pies (after 29 years, I would still pop across the road from work in Auckland for a pie and a nice apple), we all stay at home in the winter, when we meet someone we find someone we know or a place we have in common - the rugby cult goes without saying! It is an adjustment fitting into any new place, but my Trade Me account might just be the tipping point that means I'm here to stay!

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