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About R. de Wolf

A Maori fiction author from Aotearoa-New Zealand, R. de Wolf was born on the East Coast, raised in the Bay of Plenty and now lives in sunny Turanganui-a-Kiwa - Gisborne.

Guardians of the Ancestors - Book One of the Spirit Voyager Series was released in 2020, and short story Crushed Violet was published in Kaituhi Rawhiti, a local anthology soon after. The Future Weavers - Book Two followed in 2021, along with Poetry In a Pear Tree de Wolf's third book.​ The Goodness Algorithm takes you on a rollercoaster ride of scary glimpses into the future, but it also highlights the hope and good that survives inside us. 

R. de Wolf incorporates themes that she is passionate about in her writing - equality, respect for nature, equal rights, leadership, and the preservation of ancient wisdom. There are new books due for a summer release Poetry In a Pohutukawa - Reggie Reflections and Brothers in Whalesong - Book Three of The Spirit Voyager Series is out for subscribers and will hit the shelves on 1 Feb 2023. There are also two stories in Kaituhi Rāwhiti Two - Weaving of Words which de Wolf co-edited.


Nau mai haere mai - welcome to the official website of  R. de Wolf

Maori Fiction Author - Poet - Indie Publisher

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Book Three of the Spirit Voyager Series.

2Brothers in Whalesong.png

Kai bonded with whale Ira, in the womb of his mother Marama, and is descended from an illustrious line of navigators.  When his sea father Tangaroa, gives Kai and Ira a task, they answer his call to voyage, where adventure awaits them. Sailing into danger, Kai must seek the most dangerous man in the islands - an evil chief and blood priest.

Author of The Spirit Voyager Series


A perfect world - or is it?
Julia - a genetic scientist witnessing a dynamic change
Ilya - the clever boy everyone loves vanishes without a trace
Chinta - an imperfect child terminated

Who makes the barbaric rules?

Reggie Reflections

A helping of poetry, memoir and stories to wile away the hours pre-snooze time with accompanying Reggie Reflections

Book Two of the Spirit Voyager Series

''We cannot always control the strands of flax that are held in the hands of another weaver.' The heart of the future weavers novel for me, here in a sentence. I am loving the read very much. It is again compelling, and the twists have me wanting to savour as well as read on. - Katrina Reedy Author

Book One of the Spirit Voyager Series

Debut fiction novel from author R. de Wolf book 1 of the Spirit Voyager series

Guardians of the Ancestors 'Man, it's so hard to put down. Well done. Reminds me a bit of Clan of the  Cave Bear.' - Hayley Houkamo

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A Book of Accessible Poetry for Everyone


The first accidental poetry book to make you laugh, cry and smile, complete with reflections from the author - hard to put down - a good easy read.  

Author R. de Wolf


Get in touch to discover more writings by R de Wolf and follow her literary adventures on the R de Wolf blog or Youtube channel

PO Box 438

Gisborne 4010

New Zealand


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