Reader Reviews

'I absolutely love Guardians of the ancestors, was one of those books that was so easy to sit and read and read. Loved all the characters and could picture everything as I read it. It's one of those books you can lose yourself in, and also learn a bit of Te Reo while you are at it. Can't wait for the next adventure (hopefully not too far away)'

Wendy Brown

Hayley Houkamau
'Stayed up all night reading it because I needed to know what happened.' 
'Hard to put down'

Katarina Kupenga

'Can you please hurry up and publish the next book soon.'

Hi Regina, I just hopped on your website as I wanted to tell you I really enjoyed gobbling up your book:)
I asked the gals in paper plus 10days ago a good book I could get instead of another I’d bn given for my birthday that perhaps had a Gisborne connection and they showed me your book:) What a great first in the series. Loved all your characters and I really enjoyed having so many layers of learning in it for me about how day to day life might hv bn. I’m living at Wainui again after 30yrs in Dunedin as my husband and I are back working at the hospital for a 6mth Locum and I wanted to read something local around Matariki time and so thanks for your wonderful first novel and I’ll look forward to rejoining Marama on more adventures when they arrive on bookshelves. If no 2 comes out before the end of Oct let me know as would be fun to meet you if you launch it at Muirs or Paper Plus:) 
Anyway congrats:)