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Spirit Voyager Twin Pack Book One & Two

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Guardians of the Ancestors - Book One: Go on an adventure with Marama. After learning to live with her differences, she falls in love, only to be broken. Conflict seeks her out. She and her people must find a way to defeat a much stronger foe. The turbulence of nature threatens Marama's home and very existence. The ancestors urge their descendants to preserve their knowledge and voyage the Pacific Ocean to Aotearoa (New Zealand). Enigmatic navigator, Starman, will guide their waka (canoe) and disrupt Marama's world.

The Future Weavers - Book Two: Seven years after arriving in Aotearoa, Marama embarks on an adventure she did not choose. Taken by another tribe, she will be desired their brutal chief, hated by his women, and befriended by few. Pregnant, she cannot risk escape. She walks a fine line to do the bidding of the local ancestors, and finds unlikely allies in the village. Marama will lead the women from generations of oppression, back to the arms of Papatūānuku (Earth Mother). If she fails to right the balance of power, along with the tohunga, lives will be lost, including her own. The future twists and turns in perpetual motion, weaving apace. 'You can't control the flax in the hands of another weaver.'

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Welcome to the official site of R. de Wolf and the online store. Price includes post anywhere in New Zealand.

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NZ buy here with free shipping and a personalised signed copy

Aus I can ship for $12 but it may be cheaper to order from your bookstore or Book Depository. UK GOTA buy from Pegasus Publishers, Barnes & Noble or Waterstones. EU/ US/Asia/Other buy from a book site like book depository, store or Amazon. For an ebook go straight to Kobo, Amazon, or Indigo. The Future Weavers ebook is available now. I will ship a signed book with a personal message, gift wrapped, anywhere, just email me at or message me on social media and I will send you a quote, but the postage cost can be expensive and I want my readers to get the best deal. 😁   

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