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Kai bonded with whale Ira, in the womb of his mother Marama, but he’s also a son of the sea descended from an illustrious line of navigators.  When his sea father Tangaroa, gives Kai and Ira a task, they answer his call to voyage.

Adventure and challenge await them. They battle ghouls, search for a missing girl, and travel to an island occupied by brutal cannibals.

Sailing into danger, Kai must seek the most dangerous man in the islands - an evil chief and blood priest. Kai utilises all his cunning and skills, but his quest to fulfil his task eludes him.

Just when success is within his grasp, it slips away, leaving Kai broken and bitter.


Brothers In Whalesong

  • Price includes post in NZ, autograph and a message if it's a gift.

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