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He has a thirst for death and power. Mako takes what he wants and crushes opposition.

She has a gift. A young healer who converses with the Ancestors. But even with the voices in her head, Marama cannot quiet the panic in her heart as the impending threat to her home looms.

The Ancestors offer deliverance, prophesying a land of abundance and sending Starman the navigator. But the decision is not easy. Marama's people must choose whether to trust the dead and leave Green Island or risk the erasure of their existence.

Journey back on the tides of this 16th-century wayfaring odyssey when the art of celestial navigation meant more than oceanic voyages, but a future weaved by the Gods.


‘debut book Guardians of the Ancestors has been extremely well received - her first story was published in The Beacon as a primary school student’ – Kathy Forsyth Arts Reporter The Beacon Wolf takes us on a journey of discovery alongside our ancestors. A gripping read. – Taranga Kent Author


‘Loved all the characters and could picture everything as I read it. It's one of those books you can lose yourself in’ – Wendy Brown Reader


‘It’s so hard to put down – reminds me a bit of Clan of the Cave Bear’ – Hayley Houkamau Māori Gardener & Reader


This is a re-edited version of Guardians of the Ancestors published by Rhythmic Weave Books.

Guardians of the Ancestors - Book One

  • This book includes delivery anywhere in NZ in the price.

  • 1st Installment of the Pacific Voyager fiction series by R de Wolf

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