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The last stock of 1st Edition available is at Paper Plus Gisborne, Whakatane and the Taiki e! store in Treble Court. The second edition is coming soon and is available to preorder.


Marama lives in a tropical island paradise until her village is attacked and her dead ancestors urge them to leave.


Mako is the ambitious son of a raider chief who will do anything to become the next leader. When he spies Marama hiding in the lagoon, Mako swears to return and claim her.  

Once peaceful, Green Island descends into chaos. Marama's people must find a new spiritual home for themselves and their ancestors. They want to live, but not everyone wants to leave.

If Mako triumphs, he will slaughter Marama's people and extinguish their future, changing the course of Polynesia and the world. The pursuit of his prize is as relentless as his pride.

Can they trust an enigmatic enemy to deliver them to Aotearoa? Marama is mesmerised but resists an unwanted attraction, while the spirits battle for survival and their desired course of events.

Guardians of the Ancestors - Book One

  • The $30 price includes delivery in NZ. An autographed copy, a bookmark (while stock lasts) and a personal message. Local delivery in Turangnui-a-Kiwa/Gisborne is $25. For overseas delivery, contact me, it is $25 plus postage, but I will recommend the most cost effective option for purchase.  

  • 1st Installment of the Pacific Voyager fiction series by R de Wolf

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