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Nothing says summer holidays like the splash of red from the Pohutukawa flower – bring it on!

That is the inspiration for the poem collection title and a few scribbles to entertain you at the beach or in the hammock this year.  During the cooler months, you can cosy up by the fire, and enjoy some ramblings from R. de Wolf. In the 2022 soup is a pinch of memoir, a teaspoon of nostalgia, a cup of giggles, a stir of thought and a dusting of opinion.

No poet laureate offerings to go with your pavlova or ham in this book. While the odd metaphor may jump out to pinch your bum while nobody’s looking, Poetry In a Pohutukawa is squarely aimed at the reader who likes to understand what they are reading.

De Wolf supplies her trademark reflections after each piece, to tell you what inspired her to write the poem, story, or prose. Like all human beings she’s sometimes happy, sad, pithy, ridiculous or pissed off. But if that doesn’t grab you – there’s also a word finder for the kids. Enjoy! 

Poetry In a Pohutukawa

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