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Bag of Lollies on Your Doorstep

Sometimes you discover there are hidden gems awaiting your notice right under your nose. One of those diamonds is Zandria Taare from the HB Williams Memorial Library. She has so much knowledge to share it will make your brain pop - in a cool way! Yesterday some of the Writing Spark winners Holly Flyger, Teira Naahi, Henarate Pishief, Moana Hoogland, Philomena McGann and Elise Brooke, joined Zandria for a tour. I used to think the upstairs section of the library was where the staff worked, but I was completely wrong. Up there is research heaven with Gazettes from the 1800s, old-style births registry, electoral rolls, magazines, local newspapers and magazines, school yearbooks. There are also many free facilities available from computers, to workspaces, ebooks, and access to One of the things I love about Zandria's tour is her ability to explain the art in, and of, the building. To have the meaning of the Maori patterns and stories explained to you is pretty special. If you have never been on a tour, see if you can book yourself in for one. I guarantee there will be something to surprise and delight you. Kia ora Zandria and Beka for supporting local writers.

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