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Giving Birth - Painful but Worth It

My month and week have been consumed with the joy of having two new perfect little beings join the whanau (family). How amazing! Take a bow Mum's and Dad's, you are awesome and I will ask Santa for some sleep for you for Christmas. Funnily enough, childbirth has a lot in common with writing a book. They both start with a twinkle in your eye, followed by ecstasy and creativity. Then comes several months of baking, constant checking, monitoring, worry and anticipation. The big day of finishing the job arrives - you do and don't want it to be time. At this point, Mum's are totally winning the physical pain competition hands down in a big way. With the book it is the mental torture of - is it really finished? Is it good enough? Will it ever get published? Just like having a baby, when the book is finished the work is just beginning. Parents I sympathise with you. Who knew the journey from twinkle to launch would be such a long and tricky process. I am hoping that after five years it will start school and be sitting on the shelf ticking over sales. Perhaps it will even take care of me in my dotage. Now I have to leave my keyboard because I think it is my turn to cuddle a real baby 😁

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