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Halloween is Spooky!

Why? Because you suddenly realise it's November tomorrow and Christmas is sprinting to the finish line agggghhhh!!! Have you done any Christmas shopping? Well, no. Do you know what you are doing? Not really. The writer needs to get her Christmas ads and specials done - eek!

So. 'Witch' projects are flying my broom? I'm eagerly awaiting the delivery of Voices from the TaiTech Hub which are on their way ✅ Got an awesome Māori gem in the pipeline with a local author. Writing Book Four of the Spirit Voyager Series - I promise some blood and guts along with some other world kicks - and Musings from my Manuka a picnic of poems and stories is underway too. 😅 In the Chathams I found a cool historical fiction story with a local author and the Chathams Writing Retreat planning is underway for 2024 with some big names on board 👍

So I don't turn into a pumpkin, each time I write a book, I help someone else get theirs off the ground so I'm at six publications and six other projects - wizardly proud of that magic 😁

Happy Halloween 🎃 spookers. Get your Xmas shopping done and grab some books or gift cards from my website 👻

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