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Shipwreck That Created Me

On the 28 September 2023, Lightning talks are on at Taiki E! I will be participating and I go to see the talks whenever I can. It is astounding to see what people accomplish. People like Hubba Kaiwai who runs a roading business up the coast and Tairawhiti Adventure Trust, they built the skate parks, really inspire me. The number of people who have achieved all kinds of neat stuff, in diverse areas, creates a wave of positivity within. We all need that right? I just got back from the Chatham Islands Writers Retreat where we worked extensively on capturing your history, creative thoughts and skills for future generations. In 100 years how will your whanau (family) know you? I'm grateful my great-great-grandfather was shipwrecked on Flower Pot Rock at Pitt Island in 1859, aboard the Franklin. The photo is a piece of the Franklin that resides in the Chatham Islands Museum.

He stayed and married my great-great-grandmother, so hey I exist! And, shipping records are fantastic - I know Henry Grinnell was the first mate. Our Māori culture of whakapapa (genealogy) is also a blessing. It was my privilege to be gifted part of my history by Deb Goomes in Rekohu.

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