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Mean Zine to be Seen😳

"What is a zine'" you might ask?

It is a self-made magazine.

At Ngati TaiTech, our intrepid tutor, Katrina (aka Bubbles Reedy), has been busy creating something special for Gizzy Local with our writing. The first of six editions of Voices from the Kaiti Hub features poetry, art and photos. If you are not yet subscribed to Gizzy Local, our local online publication, get yourself hooked up - it's free. It also has a distinctive local flavour and Coastie vibe.

I am a bit excited to have some work published in Gizzy Local after meeting editor Sarah, and I am revisiting my youth as part of the editorial team ( along with Bubbles and Teira Naahi of Auturoa). It has been just a few years since Trident High School and our newspaper Pari karangaranga. Fortunately, this time around Bubbles does most of the work - not sure what I was thinking being a sub-editor and a typist all those years ago😂. But see how dopey I looked, a teen fashion victim with a rag in my hair! Thanks, Bananarama!🙈

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