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Photo Shoot - OMG What to wear!!!

Kia ora! Today I had a photo taken by the Gisborne Herald for an article Matai O'Connor is writing for the Weekender. Had my interview on Monday - so great talking to Matai, he was so natural it felt like a cuppa tea chat. So in typical womanly fashion, I have been thinking about what to wear for the last two days 😂. My husband was clever enough to bail this morning, and leave me in the house alone, where it looked like my wardrobe vomited my clothes all over the bed - in more than one bedroom. I lament the fact I am no longer skinny, or young, and can no longer rock a garbage bag or sheet and look good. Google to the rescue. Fortunately, I am a mad researcher, and there are blogs about everything. After half an hour of reading up on photo shoots, tips on what to wear, and looking at photos, I am ready to try some clothes on. The joy of the research, is shiny clothes and patterns are out - matte, plain, muted are in. This immediately disqualifies 90% of the clothes in my wardrobe because I am a colourful magpie. In the end I like the advice to be comfortable as well, and go with being myself. I dig my unexpired make-up out, and put some on. When I put my glasses on, I kind of wish I hadn't because I think it makes me look wrinkly 😔 It's too late to take it off, and the photographer gives me a compliment when I meet her so all good. I took some photos in the outfit I am planning to wear, and take some back-up garments, just in case the photographer wants a different look. The shoot is fun, quick, the gorgeous young woman from the Herald is really professional and takes some lovely photos, that make me look much better than I do in real life. 😘

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