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Rhythmic Weave of Rhyme

I do love a bit of poetry and my little book is with Ingram Spark at the moment, awaiting birth. Here is a little teaser of the first poem in the book. It is quite light-hearted as many of the poems are, but there is a trip through the light and shade of life.

Feeding Ika

Lurking in the deep

With your funny juju lips

Too bad I like you battered

Served with a scoop of chips

In a boat or on the shore

You just love to make me wait

While you nibble and you tease

Are you eating all my bait?

I catch a rock, and then some weed

But I can see you swimming by

In my imagination

You are starring in fish pie

Patience stretched to ping

Elusive darting ika

When I land this catch

Hello to my fish tikka

Jumping out the water

Ika laughs in my face

Fish ‘n chip shop again

Or home to lonely plate!


Something Fishy Poet

Many of the poems in this book are from prompts. What is a prompt you might ask? A word or words, object, idea, or concept to provide a topic to inspire writing. C’mon creative brain, ‘get your blimmin arse moving!’ (My favourite line from My Fair Lady) I love the idea of fishing, especially on a boat. It offers the fisher a great excuse to do absolutely nothing while pretending to do something (that could be just me). Don’t get me wrong - I enjoy eating the fish that other people catch. No scaling or gutting involved – perfect! The poem is a loving tribute to our national obsession with fish ‘n chips.

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