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Save cash 💰 - oh yeah! Write a Review Please

Lots of people have been reading GOTA - c'mon! Kia ora readers - love your work. I always try and give readers the best advice, i.e. what I would tell my best friend. So, if you are recommending my book here is a paku (small) guide to choosing where to buy that best suits you.

1. Money is tight, borrow the book from your library, if they don't have it they can order it in - it's all good 😁

2. If you want the cheapest buy - download an ebook from Amazon

3. Supporter of local bookshops, let's face it they are awesome and we need them - buy or order through them my book is available through distributors ISBN 978 1 784659 07 3.

4. If you want to support me do a bank transfer or buy the book on my website. This costs postage but I do post to cities in recyclable postbags from NZ Post. I don't use the recycle bags for rural delivery because I don't want to charge people extra delivery just because they live in the country so I post in a cheaper bag and sell at the same price. If you want a recycle bag just send me a message.

5. If you live overseas it is cheaper to buy from an established book sale site like Pegasus Publishers if you are in the UK or Book Depository. Shop around but keep in mind authors are paid on the retail price so try and buy from a site that offers free shipping and a real price. In the EU you have special VAT laws which the sellers take care of. If I sent books from NZ it works out expensive, even to Australia, although I do sign the books and include a personal message.


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