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Sunday Share - Organic Stories & Poems

On the 1st of May, we had a 'Story & Poetry Share' evening via Zoom. So great not to have to leave your house in the cold. It was an evening session to enjoy with a cup of tea, glass of wine or some nibbles and listen to people's work or speak your words. It also gave our overseas writing friends the opportunity to Zoom in at a decent time. It was so great to meet Kyle Kao from Cambodia! We are joined by people from Denmark and Australia on a regular basis now.

Sunday Share Sessions are totally casual for new and experienced writers - no response needed just jump on if you have time between 7-8 pm for however long you like. It is a nurturing environment with no agenda, and you can share or listen. The next session is on Sunday 4 June and I will send around a zoom invitation to Tai Tech Writers, Tairawhiti Writers Hub and Turanganui Poets Collective and our poetic friends in Wairoa.

The amazing Trish Lambert is performing in Hawkes Bay and we hope she will join our next session. Blogger Paddy Noble also joined us along with Katrina Reedy, Benita Kape, Kaz Denby, Suzanne Pinfold, Trindy - lovely to finally meet you Trindy - Claire Morgan, a fantastic group for our first outing, or should that be 'ining?'

SAVE THE DATE 4 JUNE 7 PM - and join our cosmic literary bowl.

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