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What the heck to have for lunch!

My clever writing tutor, Katrina aka Bubbles Reedy, provides constant inspiration for writing - prompts every week on Turanganui Poets Collective - go have a look. It's great when you need a kick in the pants to get your creative on. Today however, it came to lunch time and hubby looked at me, I looked at him - nothing! We went to the Gisborne Farmers market in the morning where we got lots of healthy stuff, but ate our macaroons with a coffee when we got home. 🤭 Note to self: Eating prompt - open the fridge! As soon as I opened the fridge, all these colourful things jumped out at me. Red capsicum, leafy greens, courgette, earthy mushrooms, orange smoked salmon and left-over roasted garlic. Whooshka! Into the pan it went (lets face it who wants salad when it's cold!) with some olive oil, S&P, chilli, cumin seeds and a bit of ground coriander at the end. Now, my friend Gilly reckons coriander tastes like feet smell but it's a tastebud 50/50, you can add basil or parsley if you prefer. What makes this dish is the sauce - roasted garlic, lime/lemon, S&P, greek yoghurt and a spoon of mayo. The yoghurt reduces the fat, makes it lighter and creamier, easier to drizzle, but still gives the creamy fiends what they want. Voila! We were so happy with our lunch after a couple hours graft in the garden - yum😋.

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