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And now for a song....

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

The whole of Aotearoa is now celebrating Matariki. I had a research exercise from my writing course and my topic was the Twins. Waitī and Waitā, two of the stars in the Pleiades star cluster. To Maori, they represent the freshwater waterways (Waitī) and the sea (Waitā), inclusive of the creatures who live there and small swift creatures. In my research, I found that during Matariki you also lament the loss of loved ones in the previous year. Last year I lost my beautiful brother Will. Before he died he restrung my guitar which I hardly play anymore, so I pulled it out and made up a song - Matariki Twins. It is a far cry from band gear and recording studios😂, but this is the way we played music as kids - paired back because that was all we had!

the link to youtube isn't working with my blog but you can post it in your browser.

Photo Credit Schlomo Shalev Unsplash

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