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Cover Reveal - What do You See?

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Oh, the angst of getting your cover ready for the book 😅. In the case of The Future Weavers - 5th time lucky, but thank goodness for Amanda Sutcliffe hanging in there with me! I said I really like simple, but it never is. 😂 Cue the person with 101 concepts but little artistic ability who is very certain what they don't want - yep that's me. When we started exploring incorporating Maori design, you need to consider the meaning of the designs as well so I did research the patterns because I am no expert. The Future Weavers is set in Aotearoa, and the plot is layered, so the Cover design is a reflection of the storylines. I have liked the fact that every person I show the cover to, sees something different. My hubby sees a sail, my niece sees a child in the womb (I see this too). My own perception is a collection of patterns and weaving in harmony. I see:

The fishhook = prosperity/abundance, strength and determination

Porowhita the Circle = the circle of life and the never-ending journey

Roimata = The teardrop and a character in the book

Koru = rebirth, stacked upon in each other in whakapapa/genealogy

Feather for remembrance, the prow of a waka, the many patterns of weave that remind me of the strands of fate twisting in the story. And on the back, natures weaver (who also features in the story) and its web.

So for those of you on my mailing list - you are the first people outside my house to see the cover.

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Yeah, I can see that! Thank you Warwick Stubbs 😁


Warwick Stubbs
Warwick Stubbs
Sep 14, 2021

Makes me think of a Waka's Taurapa, or Tauihu, the design that might appear on one, or as a design representation of the stern or bow.

Love it, really cool - spider webs on back look really nice as well. Congrats on getting the book finished and published!

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