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People Are 🤩 Amazing

I am working with Wanda Thompson-Kiel on publishing her awesome book of poetry - Blue Waters. She really is a wonder - pardon the pun. It is a bit of a process getting it right - striking the balance between integrity, form and keeping it Wandaesque (made that one up 😁). I probably drive her nuts with my questions and the level of detail I need to make sure her work is authentically represented. What I love about this project, is that Wanda is creating a legacy for her mokopuna and descendants to come. The footprints of life being well-lived are preserved in her own words. Whakapapa presented in colourful detail for future generations to truly know Wanda - ka rawe - awesome!

The painting below is by Mike Greenwood and was gifted by him to Wanda. It features on the cover of her book, and there is a photo of Wanda with the first proof print on her Facebook site - check it out.

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Unknown member
Mar 25, 2022

Beautiful Regina can't wait to see and read the final product. I can't imagine the labour of love involved in writing, producing, and publishing work like this.

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